Caden Damiano

Husband. Father. Product Designer. Host of The Way of Product Design Podcast. Hobbies include skiing, rock climbing, cutting hair, and spontaneous road trips.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Designing products that drive business outcomes

2021-22' - 6 Months

Refactoring Homies Buyer Service Design

UX Research and Design - Service Design - Product Strategy - UI Design


2021 - 3 Months

Increasing Platform Utilization
for Homie's Seller Business

UX Research and Design - Product Strategy - UI Design


2021 - 6 Months

Making the Homie Seller Experience Self Service

UX Research and Design - Product Strategy - UI Design


2021 - 3 Months

Digitizing the Offer Submission Process for Homie

Information Architecture - Product Strategy - UI Design


2020 - 6 Months

Making Omnichannel Possible
for Progressive Leasing

Information Architecture - Product Strategy - Platform Design


2020 - 3 Months

Nailing the Pitch of
Progressive Leasings Value Proposition

Research - Content Design - UI Design


2019 - 6 Months

Bringing Progressive Leasing
to Ecommerce

UX Research and Design - UI Design


2019 - 3 Months

Improving Cotopaxi’s Questival Onboarding

Product Strategy - UX Research and Design


2018 - 2 Months

Increasing Readership by 500%
and Ad Revenue by 300%

Experience Design - Strategy


Visual Design

Visual Design

Making products more usable through layout, type, spacing, color and hierarchy

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My Story

My Story

Here's a rundown of my career so far

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Bachelor of Science in IxD and Digital Product Design

Utah Valley University
  • Best practices for digital product design facets like UX, Interaction, UI, and visual design. I even broadened my exposure and tried things like AR, VR, and VUI design.
  • Don't skimp on the discovery process, do not design until you have defined the actual problem. Look for leverage points to insert your design expertise.
  • Product strategy isn't wireframes, understand the business and push to understand the constraints. You cannot be creative until you know the actual constraints!

    After my school trips to SF and NYC visiting companies like ,
    FB, Apple, HUGE, IBM and BBH, I learned:

  • Never to complain about how expensive Apple products are, the level of craftsmanship that goes into them merits the price tag.
  • Define the actual problem before designing.
  • UX isn't just "screen design". You can use design thinking to deliver value through a variety of mediums.
April 2020-Dec 2020

UI Design Coaching

Shift Nudge Interface Design Course by MDS
  • Invested in the coaching services of renowned designer Matt Smith (MDS) to help me get to the next level in my UI design skills.


Jan 2017-Feb 2019

Product Design Freelancer

CadenD Interactive LLC
  • Worked with Cotopaxi and diagnosed a customer experience problem in their Questival event app by identifying spikes in customer support questions days before Cotopaxi's events. In response to this, we designed an onboarding experience that reduced the need for customer support questions for the Questival app by 60%.
  • Increased readership of a digital publication by 500% by designing experience campaigns seen by 54 thousand people, resulting in a 300% growth in digital ad sales.
  • Designed websites, mobile apps, and web apps for small businesses and startups. My projects increased traffic to existing digital properties and helped businesses gain traction and remove ambiguity in their future digital goals.
May 2018-Mar 2019

Product Designer

  • Performed contextual research and collaborated with stakeholders to make changes in marketing experiences seen by over 133 million people.
  • Rearchitected with senior designers FamilySearch’s core tree product experience which is used by over 9 million users.
  • Participated in design efforts on a localized Chinese experience to increase brand affinity to FamilySearch and performed contextual inquiry of Chinese genealogy practices. This led to designing a dedicated family tree product for Chinese cultural workflows. Also designed the simplified chinese landing page and surname experience.
Mar 2019-Feb 2021

Product Designer

Progressive Leasing
  • Decreased exit rates on a normally high friction stage in our application workflows from 42.86% down to 10.19%. Resulting in an application experience that increased application submission rates by 32.67% and increased funnel conversions by 3.9% (last year we approved 2,912,066 applications). Each conversion is worth $942 per approved application.
  • Diagnosed that the interaction model used in our applications was causing a mandatory 37% exit rate. We were forcing customers out of our flow by design! Refactored the design of the experience to eliminate that drop off completely to 5%. Driving an estimated $75 Million in additional annual revenue.
  • Worked with brands like Best Buy, Lowes, Big Lots, Overstock, and Wayfair to set up Progressive Leasing as a payment option on their e-commerce websites.
  • Architected and designed a Lease application onboarding experience that consolidates 20+ legacy experiences into one unified experience and UI. Once completed, customers will have to submit a lease application only once, and their time-to-task will decrease by an average of 7+ minutes the next time they log in.
Feb 2021-Feb 2022

Senior Product Designer

  • Senior Product Designer on Homie's Transactions Product Team
  • Designed and trained ops partners to implement an offer upload tool that automates the uploading of offers to Homie's platform—which saves our listing agents 1 day of work a week. See it here
  • Designed and implemented an offer compare tool that allows Homie sellers to compare offers side by side as they are uploaded which saves our listing agents between 1-3 hours of work per listing with 2+ offers.
  • Leading the design of "zero to one" products for Homies transaction squad, which covers starting an offer to closing on a home. Workflows I'm designing for have to do with the coordination of clients, their agents, mortgage broker, & title to complete the transaction.
  • Leading development of a "smart recommendations" feature which will use data models to provide recommendations for which contract contingencies a buyer can enter to make a stronger offer. We are aiming to save agents 20-40 minutes of work per client when this is implemented.
Feb 2022-Present

Staff Research & Design Lead

  • Led on a 0-1 project of developing tooling for produce sellers to communicate supply and pricing in our marketplace. This allows us to collect historical pricing data on produce over time.
  • Led on a 0-1 internal tooling project that aimed to integrate with customer facing tooling for our operations teams. The play here was to improve the velocity of produce trades while also leading initiatives to improve the service design of our operational processes. This led to our supply and demand being visable and up to date in our marketplace and higher trade velocity through the reduction of manual admin work.
  • In charge of facilitating the research and design of the end-to-end value delivery of ProducePays products and services.
  • This involved leading contextual inquiry trips to Latin America, synthesizing journey maps, service blueprints and managing the research repository to help the product and operations teams inform their roadmaps.
  • Facilitation of co-creation sessions between exec level leadership down to individual product squads and operations team stakeholders to assure cross portfolio alignment.
  • Took customer insights and partnered with our software architect to help architect the information system of our product. This project afforded smoother service delivery using the object oriented UX framework. Co-designed systems maps, data flow diagrams and documentation to inform the product orgs squad work.


August 2016-April 2019

Full Ride Scholarship - Digital Media Production

UVU Review
  • I paid my way through school working at the school newspaper as a digital product designer, working on the website and other digital media projects.
May 2018-April 2019


Utah Valley University Experience/Product Design Club
  • Led in efforts to develop a recruiting pipeline for companies to recruit from UVU's Digital Product Design program. We did this by networking and volunteering in the design community, setting up visits to SF, Austin, NYC, and Huntsville to visit companies like Facebook, Apple, IBM, Nasa, BBH and Huge.
  • Resulted in improved relationships with companies that led to greater opportunities and placement of graduates.
Mar 2018

Best in Show: Best Website

Associated Collegiate Press
  • 10th place Nationally for College Newspaper Website.
Mar 2018

Best in Show: Multimedia Package

Associated Collegiate Press
  • 4th Place Nationally for an Immersive Article
July 2018 - Present


The Way of Product Design
  • Interviewing designers, product managers, and the tech leads who worked on things like Google assistant, TiVo, Apple Care, Uber Freight, TurboTax and Quickbooks to find out how product teams can drive greater business value and be seen as strategic partners in the business.
  • Additional 286% Growth in Followers in 2021
  • 204% Growth in streams in 2021
  • 203% in Listeners in 2021
  • 174% In hours listened in 2021



Happy Coworkers

He is someone that everyone loves to work with because of his easygoing and collaborative nature, rallying multidisciplinary teams around big initiatives that were historically held up by office politics.

Besides being an all-around fun person to work with, his skillset shows that he is capable of designing effective solutions while accounting for tight constraints, and I would recommend him to any company wanting to level up their product discovery and execution. ”

Jenny Mack Director of Design @ Entrata

His design skills reflect his desire to understand the customer, and to incorporate the business needs of an organization into a coherent user experience. He is willing to learn and ask questions to better understand the problem domain. He is an excellent collaborator, working as a team player with Engineer, Product Manager, and fellow UX. He is fast and accurate in translating ideas into viable screens and interfaces.

I highly recommend Caden to any organization that wants to develop first-class software solutions. He is highly adaptable to almost any product domain. ”

Joe Martel Product Architect @ FamilySearch

“I see Caden really passionate about understanding the entire user journey as well as understanding the persona. Caden seems to have the type of mind that does really well with understanding complex problems and mapping them out.

He does a really good job with coming up with high level vision and strategy around a problem space. He's really smart and very driven in his career. It's pretty inspiring.

Shane Guymon Staff Designer @

“Caden's determination to seek out problems before diving into solutions is a rare quality in even most senior Product Designers.

His willingness to hear difficult criticism and then act upon improving in those areas has made it extremely rewarding to get to work with him.”

Clay Walter Director of Product & Design @ ProducePay


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